We manage a concentrated portfolio of individual stocks, occasionally using derivatives to enhance exposure or hedge risk.  Our fundamental research and global perspective lead us to investments overlooked by other investors.  Our portfolio is premised on the belief that generating superior returns over long time frames requires making outsized bets and taking advantage of short-term volatility. 


We view ourselves as risk managers.  We believe that the main risk for an investor is the permanent loss of capital, not price volatility.   We do not shy away from idiosyncratic risks that we believe have a high probability of paying off.  Our approach is suitable for long-term investors with a tolerance for volatility who are seeking capital growth.  We are cognizant of tax considerations when making trades for taxable clients. 


What are you not seeing because you are seeing what you are seeing?
— Yogiraj Achala

As a registered investment advisory, we are a fiduciary.  We put client interests first and do not accept third-party compensation.  Client funds are never intermingled, and a reputable third-party custodian is responsible for the integrity of each separately managed account.  Clients receive detailed, transparent reporting on a quarterly basis and can access their accounts online at any time.